Before we get into colors and other design related news I need to discuss cars.

I just heard "crickets" but wait before you scroll down and zone out listen up for a sec.

I am not a car person nor is my husband really.  It is a depreciating asset [like the crap I buy at TJ Maxx isn't] and if I am going to spend 20-30,000 on something there are going to be words like marble, backsplash, and appliances associated with it.

My car is 10 years old [Ford Explorer] and I trash it up pretty good with all the hauling I do.  My husbands car is a 15 year old Ford Explorer.  Sad to say it is limping pretty badly right now and the cost to fix is about what it is worth.

Cue new car search.   This is where panic sets in.  
We can't even decide what to buy much less what we are supposed to pay.  New or used.  Sedan or SUV....yada yada.


But just for grins we started searching the internet on Sunday and hold the damn phone people.

They have heated steering wheels now......WHAT???  

Heated seats front and back although I would not pay extra for the back because you are on your own there.  

It's all about me.

It's a new car world out there and things have definitely changed in 10 years.

We were exhausted after the search and don't even mention test driving.  

Here is my theory on that.

Don't go searching for new cars or puppies because you will come home with one.

I will keep you updated on this third world dilemma.

When I was at the mart earlier this month I saw these awesome pillows. 

Now there is the Sherry we all know :)

Gray and coral.  
I was mesmerized by this combination.

These were all by Ryan Studio.

I did a quick search for some rooms with this combination.
Cool chairs: check.

Lynn Morgan
This one might be my favorite!

The Tracery
Remember this from the Southern Living house in Senoia, Ga.

S.B. Long Interiors
Sick with desire over that velvet sofa.

I organized a few gray and coral items for you...

Pretty much everything is from Serena and Lily with a couple of things from Wisteria.  My attention level kept me from going further with the search.....but you get the drift.

Time to dig myself out from Tuesdays snow [lets not go there because you all saw it on the news]  and be productive.

Oh yeah....I almost forgot this!

Carmel from Our Fifth House asked me to write down some tips on mixing patterns which she featured on The Chic Site.  Hop over and take a you have all day to listen to me:)




Christina Baker said...

First off, you could do a thousand blog post on buying a car! We just went through it with our youngest daughter. Good luck. : )

Yes to Gray & Coral!! I have been getting soooooooo many request for this combination in my work! Even with pops of teal, gold and tiny tiny specs of cadmium red (over the coral)has highlights.

The images you selected show "exactly" why these two colors go so well together. They are warm, inviting yet sophisticated. I am so excited as to where this will lead to transition wise.

Ellen said...

Where was all this coral three years ago when it was my "must have or die" color? Probably conspiring with the antique brass light fixtures, painted cabinets and poured concrete countertops that were nowhere to be found ten years ago when we built. It's a curse, I tell ya. I absolutely hate it when you walk into a business and they tell you, "Oh that color/style/finish/fill-in-the-blank isn't popular right now so you'll have to go with what everybody else is using." Gah. Love the coral. Used it in a Home Goods chair makeover a few years back.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, my hubby would love the fact that you keep cars forever! I like a new one at least every five even though every time he says this is my last one. Huh, we'll see. I love these color combos. Hmmm a heart shaped cluster of roe deer antlers over the bed. Wonder if hubby would go for that? Probably not.

Karena said...

The car quest....I am hoping my Honda CRV lasts forever!!

Loving coral and gray, and I agree totally about that velvet sofa! Yummy!

The Arts by Karena


we've been dedicated ford buyers too....until recently!!….im about to retire my super beat up ford expedition for something new….i was a total believer in "newly used" but i was recently suckered into buying new….at least i got to order it how i want wheels in march! good luck!!! still love "newly used" concept!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I do understand the car delima. I got a new one last year and I love it. I keep mine forever too. My old Honda was 13 yrs. old, but it still ran like a charm. Love the coral and gray and I did read you fabric mixing article. Great piece. Hugs, Marty

An Urban Cottage said...

Love your post on mixing patterns. I learned a few tricks.
Not loving the gray and coral for some reason. Take out the coral and it's perfect, though.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Buying a car is THE WORST!
You are so right, if you "test" drive----you have it in your garage in an hour!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

good luck with your car search. you are inspiring me to keep and pay off my car, I never do. now that my warranty is up I start to freak out start looking into leasing again. we are on our second jeep Cherokee and love it.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I have that betwixt pillow and it is my very favorite. Interesting as coral is not something I would think I would like. Love this round up.

Maureen said...

New car? Ha! We bought my Chevy Tahoe new and it is now 18 years old. I love it. That thing is a tank. I couldn't kill it if I wanted to, which I don't. My husband's a little concerned as it has 248,000 miles on it and he keeps telling me it's time to get a new one. I told him unless he's prepared to buy me another Tahoe, don't talk to me. So he's not talking to me because a new Tahoe is $52,000 (if I get the same one I have now) and he told me to keep dreaming. Oh well.

The gray and coral combo is beautiful. I know a couple who did their baby daughter's nursery in those colors.

Love your blog.

Unknown said...

wow I love that orangey coral and gray combo. Some beautiful things here, and the recent S&L and Wisteria catalogs are lovely! Good luck with the snow, and stay warm! xo Nancy

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Pretty colors. And man, I hear ya on the cars. My Lexus is 12 years old now! And it's still going strong-ish, but I want a new car and DREAD the buying process. Such a pain in the ass! Good luck! said...

One of my favorite combos! If I can put my two cents in on the car thing. Mine's 10 years old and I'm hoping to give it to the kids and get another 2 or 3 out of it, and it already has 225K miles. It's a volvo xcountry wagon. Bought it new, but I'm going for a used xcountry suv of theirs next. Why? They don't stop running, and you can't beat the safety. Unless you are an American car girl, which I totally get. I like to have a car till it runs into the ground. As, apparently, do you. And like you, I can't wait to get some new features. Mine is basic and I'm over it. I want that heated wheel! ;-)

Kathysue said...

I am with you on the car thing, comfort is key for me so the heated seats are very nice, but I don't care if I have the newest wheels on the road. I am like you give me some new furniture or lighting or anything home related. Love coral on the pink side/ watermelon, but not on the orange side for this gal. Tobi Fairley had some interesting combos on her blog today as possibilities for her entry, and one was coral/orange with gray, I have to admit, it is pretty, but can not go towards orange, not allowed in my life, LOL. Love your post and YOU, xo Kathysue

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the car shopping…my biggest regret is not ordering a heated wheel. Total oversight-I got heated front/rear & cup holders, somehow forgot about the steering wheel. Definitely could have used it this winter in the ATL.
The keyless go is a great feature--no digging for keys!

Love the color scheme, very fresh!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

heated seats and steering wheels are the best! love gray and coral:)

Pat@BPM said...

We sold J's precious Chevy truck to our son in law in 1999. It was a 21 year old Silverado. He ownedit when we met...I was lost...a cowboy and a know, "girls and trucks"...never mind.

J then bought a 1999 Silverado.It was 14 years old when we bought our 2014 GMC Acadia in October. The story goes on and on. We keep a car forever and ever, amen.

We did bow to vanity four years ago, when J finally got his Camaro. This time of year it is a "garage car".
We tend to drive cars till the wheels fall off, so I know of what you speak.
Good luck in your search. I am loving our Acadia. I like to be up high so I can see what is going on around me. The Camaro is J's to cruise around in, you know what they say about g'ma's and g'pa's who drive sporty little cars.

Carrie said...

I was just thinking they should invent those for cars!! Mine is a 2001, so I guess that explains it. Have you ever read The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency? The main character has a loyal attachment to her old white van that feels like me & my volvo.

paula said...

My volvo was on it's last leg and the Mr did not believe me till he got in my car one day. He could not believe I would drive it sounding that way... um, I did tell him it was awful. Anyhow, he drove straight to a dealership and told me we weren't leaving till a picked one. i don't like spending money on cars. After a few hours a went with a 2009 toyota venza {had less miles than the newer more expensive one}. I LOVE it! It has space for hauling, is pretty, super comfortable for everyone and has good gas miles. I did have leather installed after the fact for under a grand. With so many sticky fingers I can't handle light colored fabric.

debra @ 5th and state said...

love ryan studio pillows. this look could start a trend!

Judy said...

Hey, don't forget, cars can be accessorized!

Remember the Cote de Texas post about Slim Paley's floral slip covered car seats? And the seagrass car mats from Cocomats that Joni linked to? So pretty!

Inspired by that post, I put two baskets in my white car with black interior. I put one huge one in the trunk to hold grocery bags and a smaller one in the main area to hold coupons, water bottles, sunscreen or whatever. I keep a couple of cute bags in gorgeous fabrics in there to organize things too. I keep a pretty throw from IKEA in the backseat area to address the inequity-in-seatwarmers problem between the front and the back. My daughter thinks it is so unjust that she must freeze in the backseat while we are toasty warm in front. Lol.

Judy Brown

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

We have a Honda Odyssey with 160,000 miles on it and knock on wood still going strong!…I love, love the coral and grey color combo…and now that I have inherited a new, gorgeous Lee sofa that "turned peachy/coral" I may be searching for fabrics with grey and coral!..

Unknown said...

Heated steering wheel in cold climates?... Yes, yes, yes! It's right up there with heated seats. It's like form follows function! Ha! It makes getting from point A to B so much better.

Inspiring images, Sherry. I'm seeing more and more coral. Great post. Thanks!

Have a warm weekend driving that new vehicle of yours! ;)

Judy G.

Jalon Burton said...

Sherry - I have just recently returned to Blog land after a long absence and wanted to just stop by and say Hello again! I am so glad to be back with my blogging friends and your blog is just as beautiful as I remember it... I hope you have a great weekend and hope to see you soon!

therelishedroost said...

Love the combo of that coral and gray! THe warmth with that cool tone is so interesting and fun!!Great inspiration board!!!

Bmore Bungalow said...

Best of luck with your car hunt.It can be daunting. My husband totaled our 12 year old car a few weeks ago, which put us in an unexpected car hunting scenario. I say always buy a used car, because as you pointed out it depreciates. We ended up with a Mini Cooper and I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

I used to drive super old cars. But a couple of years ago I splurged and bought a brand new hybrid SUV and it was soooo worth it! I'm already thinking of trading it up. So I hope you find something cool!

Tardevil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cindy hattersley design said...

You are a girl after my own heart! Give me a new bacsplash and counter...yep my clunker is limping along as well!!

Unknown said...

Buying a car is totally overwhelming! I do like the idea of heated seats and a heated steering wheel though! :) Loving the coral/gray color combo lately.

Cindy said...

Oh lord, i want that coral sofa too... and the gray and white striped valances... good luck with the car search... it's overwhelming. Let me give you a tip, walk away at least twice - they WILL call you back


Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor said...

Looove the gray and coral combo. Im sure the fact that I have a coral ceiling and gray walls probably gave that away a bit;) Its like mint and navy for me...It will ALWAYS be my thing!

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