Too much time on my hands.....

ok....since I love looking at blogs I decided to start one. We will see where this goes. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it. Hopefully it will not be a choice of whether to clean my house or blog. I am known for making the wrong decision on that one. Anyway, my husband (he is a pilot) just left for China so I am just hanging out on Saturday night with my dogs, Patches (the girl) and Zipper (the boy). We took them to the dog park today and they are 2 tired pups right now. Can I just say how much they love going to the park???? If it was up to them, we would go every day, but sadly it isn't and sometimes they just get a little walk around the block. They deal with it.
So, I am going back to the directions about blogging to see how to add photos. I am sure you want to see some pictures of them.

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AntiqueChase said...

I just found you from another blog... I cant remember which one.. but your coffee table was featured. I love your blog and read all the way back to here... I am following now.. please stop by and visit me if you have a chance!

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